Hair Color

web_swatch_full-book_Small_Page_20Since I was a teen, I’ve had every hair color under the rainbow. I learned how to color hair to make it turn out like a pro; I learned the hard way through many screw-ups and having hair that was neon orange or had green stripes.

The best hair color I have ever used myself at home is Aloxxi Chroma Color.

web_swatch_full-book_Small_Page_14BUT, Aloxxi is a professional hair color. You cannot buy it in a drugstore. You either have to go to a salon to get it or you have to buy it from Ebay or a beauty supply shop online, mix it with the developer and apply it yourself. I only recommend doing it yourself if you know what you are doing. If you don’t know the difference between a 20 volume and a 40 volume developer, then you should NOT do this hair color yourself!! You can purchase it, and take it to your hair stylist and have him/her do it. Most of them will do this for their clients.

Aloxxi can take the most over-processed, dry, damaged hair and make it smooth, silky, glossy.

web_swatch_full-book_Small_Page_06Aloxxi Chroma Color has the most vibrant colors and the shine it leaves is incredible. On their website they have a “Consultation book”. Look through it and see the colors.


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