At Home Permanent Hair Removal

I’ve tried several at home hair removers, one of them was an absolute thumbs down, the No!No! Hair Remover. It stunk so bad my husband went crazy opening up windows, and on top of that, it didn’t work.

VISSThe hair removal system I use is the VISS IPL Hair Removal System . On the highest setting, it permanently removes fairly dark hairs like on the legs, but it takes patience and you must stick with it. You must use it every couple weeks or the hair roots will not be permanently destroyed. After about a year, you’ll notice most of the hair is pretty much gone. You will love having permanently smooth legs.

NOTE: On the highest setting, it gave me hyperpigmentation spots (light brown freckles) but I didn’t care because it was on my legs. This would not be something you would want on your face. It did not give me hyperpigmentation in the arm pit area. I would use the lowest setting or test spot areas to make sure you aren’t getting freckles where you don’t want them.

The VISS does not work on super dark hairs, like those found in the bikini area. IPL just doesn’t work for hair in that area. I’ve tried IPL professional treatments in that area and they failed, too.
You cannot use this device on dark skin! Best results are achieved on those with dark hair and light skin.

The VISS costs around $500. It comes with optional lamp cartridges to purchase for acne and skin rejuvenation (regular IPL). The IPL cartridge is so weak it does nothing. Do not waste your money on it. I did not try the acne lamp, but some other customers said it worked to clear up their skin.


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