Rosacea is that slight reddish, inflamed skin that usually appears as a butterfly pattern around your nose and under your eyes, but it can appear anywhere on the face.

It is hard to treat, but there is a prescription medication cream or gel made just for it called Rozex. You can buy this without a prescription from a pharmacy in the UK called 4 Corners Pharmacy.

This pharmacy also offers a wide variety of prescription skin care products, hormone replacement therapy, birth control, all without a prescription. It takes less than two weeks for me to get my orders, and I live in Texas.

Even though I mentioned Rozex first, this cream didn’t help me much. (I have slight rosacea.)

What did eliminate my Rosacea were the Intense Pulse Light (IPL) treatments I got at a medi-spa for $50 a piece. Within a couple treatments the red was gone and my skin didn’t look so coarse. This was temporary, after a few months without no treatment, my rosacea came back just the same as ever.

There’s another treatment I haven’t tried called MIRVASO® (brimonidine) topical gel.

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