The Best Toner for Oily Skin

Pure focusIf you have oily skin, like I do, then you know what a challenge it is to keep those oils from seeping out underneath your makeup. Nothing like seeing a photo taken with a flash and it’s all shine, shine, shine. It’s so bad for me, I can look like I’m sweating.

Before you apply your makeup, whether it’s foundation or just powder, use Lancôme’s Tonique Pure Focus Oil Controlling Mattifying Toner for Oily Skin . This is THE toner for oily skin. It has a low alcohol content, so it doesn’t work by drying. It is made with a special powder in it designed to absorb oil.

The powder settles in the bottom, so you must shake it before each use.

Sadly, this item has been discontinued, but you can still get it on Ebay.

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