Best Eyeshadow Color For Everyone

MAC satin taupe

A great eye shadow color for everyone (meaning all skin tones) is MAC Taupe Satin.

I like it because it’s soft enough to wear during the day, but can be made into a more dramatic smoky eye with a dark brown or black. MAC Taupe is a brownish-greyish neutral. Described as a “plummy taupe” with a slight purple under tone, it’s not glittery, like a frost. It just has a soft glowy luminescence to it. Perfect for green or blue eyes.

2 thoughts on “Best Eyeshadow Color For Everyone

  1. I just wanted to ask you if you are experiencing satisfactory results from your Tria Age Defying Laser. I purchased one and am now on week 3. I have not yet determined if it is worth the money. Thanks for your reply

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    • I am getting good results, and am very happy with this device. But I don’t have much signs of aging, either. Minimal sagging.

      This device has improved my looks. I look younger. The corners of my mouth were a problem, I had small but deep grooves that turned down. They are minimized. My forehead has lifted, which makes my brows easier to shape.

      I would not want to mislead someone about this device who has more than minimal aging. I don’t know if they would get good results.

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