lips2Welcome to What My Lips Wore!

This blog is dedicated to bringing you the latest and best beauty products. When I say best, I mean the best performing, not the most expensive or even the newest. This is not one of those fakey info-blogs. These are my honest opinions from products I actually use, and I try everything.

Like you, I want to know what are the latest and/or best products for skin care, lips, eyes, brows, whatever. I decided to create this blog after I got tired of putting in “best” and coming up with gross phony advertising websites disguised as reviews. I want one honest source to go to, so I created this website to help everyone else discover the awesome products out there I have found.

I apologize for not including drugstore cosmetics, but I don’t like them. They tend to be low quality and the lipstick pigments are garish.

If you have discovered a new product you want to share, or an oldie but goodie, mention it in the comments section!

One thought on “About

  1. U asked 4 me 2 B the 1st 2 ‘like’ ur about page. It’s great & sounds really sincere & love what u R doing. So I did…I got so much info from reading u 2day. THNX SO MUCH!! Can’t wait 4 ur Tria update!

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