The Best and Cheapest Way to Get Unbelievably Soft and Smooth Skin

I’ve heard of the Baiden (pronounced Bigh-den) Mitten is before the but I never tried it until recently. It is an exfoliation mitt made from tree fiber and it will cause dead skin to literally roll off your body.

I was surprised at how much smoother, clearer, softer my skin was. It was nothing short of miraculous. It is rather pricey at $50, but worth it when compared to skin treatments like microdermabrasion and IPL. (There are Korean towels people swear do the same job that are much cheaper. I haven’t tried those.)

baiden1There are certain areas of my skin have always been a little rough, one use of the Baiden mitten and almost completely smooth! I used it on my face–gently–cause my skin is somewhat coarse, and the Baiden smoothed it out, reducing the rough texture look.

I’ve googled Baiden since to see photos from people who claim it reduces stretch marks, cellulite, acne. It’s worth a try. Buy it here.

Review of GlyTerra-gL (Anti-Aging) Eye Cream

41XqWUVt3FLGlyTerra-gL Eye Cream is supposed to “prevent and correct visible signs of aging in the digital eye area.” It claims to reduce fine lines, improve dark circles and tighten and lift the bagging upper eye lid area. Note that it says upper eye lid, not lower. It does nothing for lower eye bags.

I have been using this eye cream on my upper eyelids for two months. It does seem like my lids are smoother and slightly less crepey. I see some improvement. I think it’s worth at least trying. But, it’s rather pricey at around $50 for a .5 ml tube.

This product is not to be confused with the GlyTerra-gL Anti-Glycation Regimen. That is the San Medica’s day and night cream for the entire face, not the eyes. I am currently trying it and will review those later.

Best Eyeshadow Color For Everyone

MAC satin taupe

A great eye shadow color for everyone (meaning all skin tones) is MAC Taupe Satin.

I like it because it’s soft enough to wear during the day, but can be made into a more dramatic smoky eye with a dark brown or black. MAC Taupe is a brownish-greyish neutral. Described as a “plummy taupe” with a slight purple under tone, it’s not glittery, like a frost. It just has a soft glowy luminescence to it. Perfect for green or blue eyes.

Best (And Easiest) Way to Get Sexy Cat Eyes

shammyThere’s a little something you can use that will make a huge difference when doing your smokey eye, or just want to have that sexy cat eye look. It’s called a Shadow Shammy, invented by celeb make-up artist Alexis Vogel.

It’s just fabric made of soft cloth cut into a triangle, BUT it is designed to fit the outside corner of your eye so that you can draw out your eyeshadow line perfectly. (People used to use credit cards for the same effect, but they are stiff and hard to use.) Even using it to just fill in the lower corner of your eye with dark shadow, can TRANSFORM the way you look. I know, it’s hard to believe such a little thing could make a difference, but it does.

Here’s how to use the shadow shammy (starts at 5 minutes 36 seconds in):

Best Way to Make Any Lipstick Last

lipstickLipstick doesn’t have to be specially formulated to stay on. You can do this method with any lipstick, eat, drink and it will stay on pretty good. Here’s what you do:

1) Apply foundation to clean, dry lips

2) Line with lip liner (see the best one here for everyone) to keep the color from bleeding outside your lip line

3) Apply your lipstick

4) Cover your now lipstick covered lips with face powder using a powder brush (like this MAC one here)

5) Apply your lipstick again

6) Apply another layer of powder and apply lipstick again. (You can skip this step if you’re in a hurry the one layer of powder will work okay)

Best Plastic Surgeon for Facelifts

ponytail liftI haven’t been to him, but I’m going to give the best facelift plastic surgeon award to Dr. Chia Chi Kao of Santa Monica, California. His innovative technique called “The Ponytail Lift” or vertical lift (as opposed to the standard pulled back wind blown look) gives amazing, natural looking results.

The Ponytail Lift is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that simulates the lifting effects on the face while wearing the hair in a high ponytail. This procedure lifts the brows, cheeks, and the jowls simultaneously with tiny access incisions hidden in the scalp. It is done under IV sedation instead of general anesthetic.

This is who I’m going to when it’s time for that facelift.

Best New Nail Idea 2014

00a18992d5bc31e83bed73fff1b407f3_largeNailSnaps make nail wraps from your Instagram photos or any photo. The possibilities are endless for your nail art. Nailsnaps is a free mobile app that lets you edit and crop your photos so you can get them to fit exactly the way you want on your nails, then NailSnaps prints your photos and turns them into custom nail wraps.

Currently, NailSnaps is a kickstarter project that is crowdfunded, meaning we all have to back it financially in order to make it happen. Check it out and please help spread the word!


This is, without a doubt, the coolest, most awesome nail art ever!

Best Oil Blotting Papers

oil_absorbing_sheets_360x430I have really oily skin, so as the day wears on, I get shiny, especially around my nose. The usual oil blotting papers are those thin tissue paper things. They can’t even begin to handle all my oil. I’d have to use an entire pack.

Clean and Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets are different. They are on some kind of blue colored plastic film, not tissue paper. They work really well at sopping up excess oil without smudging your foundation. You can buy these at any drugstore (in America) or online. Great to carry around in your bag for a quick makeup refresh or before photos are taken.

Best New Nail Polish Idea

sephora_largeSomeone should have come up with this a long time ago: one time use nail polish.

Sephora has created what are called nail “press pods” so we can try out polish without having to buy an entire bottle. (Also great for traveling.) The pods have built-in brushes that deliver exactly enough polish for two coats on 10 nails. Sephora put 24 of its best selling Formula X nail polishes together for $40.00. Available in April.

Best Conditioner for Overprocessed, Dry or Bleached Out Hair

When you’ve colored, and highlighted and colored again, your hair gets destroyed. I would have dry, over processed hair because I’ve had every color under the sun and my hair is long, but I don’t, thanks to certain products. My hair is silky and gorgeous.

joicoWhat works to re-condition and soften bleached out and/or over-colored hair are the products that contain hydrolyzed human hair protein. The Joico K Pak shampoo and conditioners contain this. Joico K-Pak Deep-Penetrating Reconstructor for Damaged Hair is one that I use. The Joico line smells delicious, like banana and will repair your dried out hair, smooth out the cuticles and make it manageable. You really can’t have decent, manageable bleached hair without these products (those that contain hydrolyzed human hair protein.) It’s just not possible. You’re going to have nasty straw on your head.

A product that I think works even better than Joico is the Perfect Silk Kertain Enhanced Conditioner. However, it has a funky smell that lingers. I use it, but not if I think someone special is going to be getting close.

To make your hair even more amazing, check out my How to Get a Cashmere Blowout.