Best Oil Blotting Papers

oil_absorbing_sheets_360x430I have really oily skin, so as the day wears on, I get shiny, especially around my nose. The usual oil blotting papers are those thin tissue paper things. They can’t even begin to handle all my oil. I’d have to use an entire pack.

Clean and Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets are different. They are on some kind of blue colored plastic film, not tissue paper. They work really well at sopping up excess oil without smudging your foundation. You can buy these at any drugstore (in America) or online. Great to carry around in your bag for a quick makeup refresh or before photos are taken.

Best New Nail Polish Idea

sephora_largeSomeone should have come up with this a long time ago: one time use nail polish.

Sephora has created what are called nail “press pods” so we can try out polish without having to buy an entire bottle. (Also great for traveling.) The pods have built-in brushes that deliver exactly enough polish for two coats on 10 nails. Sephora put 24 of its best selling Formula X nail polishes together for $40.00. Available in April.

Best Conditioner for Overprocessed, Dry or Bleached Out Hair

When you’ve colored, and highlighted and colored again, your hair gets destroyed. I would have dry, over processed hair because I’ve had every color under the sun and my hair is long, but I don’t, thanks to certain products. My hair is silky and gorgeous.

joicoWhat works to re-condition and soften bleached out and/or over-colored hair are the products that contain hydrolyzed human hair protein. The Joico K Pak shampoo and conditioners contain this. Joico K-Pak Deep-Penetrating Reconstructor for Damaged Hair is one that I use. The Joico line smells delicious, like banana and will repair your dried out hair, smooth out the cuticles and make it manageable. You really can’t have decent, manageable bleached hair without these products (those that contain hydrolyzed human hair protein.) It’s just not possible. You’re going to have nasty straw on your head.

A product that I think works even better than Joico is the Perfect Silk Kertain Enhanced Conditioner. However, it has a funky smell that lingers. I use it, but not if I think someone special is going to be getting close.

To make your hair even more amazing, check out my How to Get a Cashmere Blowout.

How To Stop Grey Hair

graybanThere is only one product out there (that I am aware of that) you can apply to your hair and it will turn the grey hairs back to their natural color. It’s called GreyBan. It’s not a dye. GrayBan works with the natural protein in hair to create melanin that gradually brings back your hair color.

I have not used this myself, but it gets good reviews from most people who have used it. They say you have to stick with it and not give up and after three weeks, you’ll have your natural hair color back. It’s worth a try.

Best Foundation (medium or full coverage)

Smashbox%20Liquid%20Halo%20Foundation%202I thought most foundations (medium coverage) were pretty much the same, until I tried Smashbox HD Liquid Halo Broad Spectrum Foundation. It’s hard to describe what this foundation is like except it gives a super smooth coverage almost as if it was airbrushed on. My only warning about this foundation is that some colors tend to have a yellow base and this is definitely not good for many skin tones.

It comes in these shades:

Shade 1: Natural vanilla for fair complexions
Shade 2: Warm vanilla for fair/light complexions
Shade 3: Light beige for light complexions
Shade 4: Light warm beige for light complexions
Shade 5: Golden beige for light/medium complexions
Shade 6: Warm medium beige for medium complexions
Shade 7: Golden medium beige for medium complexions
Shade 8: Natural tan for medium/dark complexions
Shade 9: Dark golden tan for dark complexions
Shade 10: Natural deep cocoa for dark complexions

I got the “Shade 3: Light beige for light complexions” but it’s not a neutral; it has a definite yellow caste.

_7846809Until I discovered the Smashbox HD, I used the kinda pricey (at around $65 a bottle) Georgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation. It’s okay, but for the price I just don’t know if it’s worth it. It’s not that amazing. One thing about it that is good: the colors. They match skin tones pretty well. Note that it’s a slightly heavier coverage than the Smashbox Liquid Halo.

I tried Revlon 24 Hour Color Stay Foundation on one side of my face and the Georgia Armani Luminous Silk on the other. The Revlon Color Stay went on smoother and gave a nicer, more poreless finish. The Georgio Armani seemed rather cakey, did not refine pores at all, didn’t leave a nice glow. Revlon Color Stay was much better.

I’m going to recommend Revlon Colorstay Foundation as best foundation from the drugstore (for full coverage.)

Best Product for Beautiful Skin – Clarisonic Skin Brush

sonic-method-cleansing24If you want to have beautiful, clean, clear skin with smaller pores and almost no blackheads, then you should get a Clarisonic Skin Brush. It works by having a sonic speed rotating brush. At over 300 movements per second, this brush really gets your skin clean.

There are several Clarisonic cleansing devices, the Plus for face and body, Aria for face only and Mia 2, the compact version. (The Mia is smaller and more affordable at around $125.) There are also different brush heads for sensitive skin, regular skin and deep pore cleaning.

The Clarisonic Opal Anti-Aging Infuser device works to infuse products deep into your skin, rather than having them sit on the surface.

Clarisonic has a special system just for acne proned skin called Deep Pore Detoxifying Solution. It includes a cleanser, a mask and the deep cleaning brush.

Brush heads should be replaced every couple of months, they get visibly grimy. Replacement brushes range from $8 on Ebay, $11 on to over $25 so shop around.

Five Quick and Easy Ways to Lose Weight You Haven’t Thought Of

Here are the five things I do when I want to lose weight easily, without giving up pizza or hamburgers.

One thing no one thinks about when it comes to losing weight is how many calories one gets from beverages. With most sodas and juices containing over 100 calories per serving, what you drink can add an extra 500-1000 calories a day. That’s a lot.

Honest-Beverages-Honest-Kids-Organic-Juice-1) I drink only the kid’s juices that contain 25%-50% less sugar. They come in those small foil packs with a straw. One brand is Honest Kids, has 50% less sugar, the Capri brand has 25% less sugar. Less sugar = less calories. Sure, you’ll look silly drinking from these, but it will be worth it when you step on the scale. All you have to do is switch to these juices, and you can lose a little weight.

2) Juices like cranberry, grape, orange, etc., all contain added sugar and a lot of calories. Cut those calories in half by adding Seltzer water or club soda. It makes for a refreshing, sparkling drink that is low in calories. You can buy the generic store brands and save money. You can do better if you want to cut calories. Instead of drinking any juice, you can drink water with flavoring in it, like Hint. I personally don’t like any water except Fugi, so drinking nothing but water would be hard for me.

3) Love to drink sweet tea? I know I do. Sweet tea is loaded with calories. What I do is buy one unsweetened bottle and one sweet bottle and combine them. That way I cut the sugar by at least 25% and I’m not resorting to artificial sweeteners. Of course, I could just drink the unsweetened tea, but I don’t like it without some sugar.

4) Hungry? Reach for a meat stick. Whenever I get the urge to eat something, I grab a meat stick and munch on it. I get Vermont Real Meat Sticks. One meat stick is usually enough to curb my craving and at only 80 calories, it’s great diet food.

Dessert Delights Gum5) Want something sweet? Try chewing a stick of Extra Dessert Delights Gum. These have no sugar and come in great flavors that taste like the real thing. It’s like you’re eating lemon meringue pie, drinking a root beer float or having mint chocolate chip ice cream. They have only 5 calories. How awesome is that?