Best Black Eye Liner is a Pencil

Stylo Yeuxs by ChanelNothing brings out the color of light to medium eyes more than lining the insides with a black liner. The best black eye liner for staying power even on the waterline is Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof Long Lasting Eyeliner in Ebene #10 or Noire Intense #88. They both have a matte finish. The other Chanel black eyeliner pencil, Black Shimmer #70 has a silvery surface to it and is not good for lining around the inner eyes. These blacks are similar in intensity to Bobbi Brown’s Black Ink Liner, but that one has a slight sheen to it. You want a matte finish for lining the inside of the eyes (the waterline.)

These Chanel eyeliners comes in 18 shades. Smudge proof and water proof, it’s a pencil that you don’t have to sharpen.

Why have I chosen a pencil over a liquid liner? I do use MAC Liquid Liner in Boot Black and it’s fine, but I prefer a pencil when lining the inside of the eyes. I don’t want a messy liquid spilling over onto my eyeball when I’m lining my eyes.