The Best Colored Contact Lenses for Dark Eyes

desiolensThe best prescription colored contact lenses for changing dark eyes to light are made by an Italian company called Desiolens. They are not only beautiful, realistic looking and comfortable, they are also inexpensive at approximately $53.00 US a pair. Desiolens offers both prescription and non-prescription lenses. You can only buy these on their website.

Desiolens “Desert Dream” gives a natural looking almost golden eye, but their “Innocent White” will make some people look like a zombie. Think Goldie Hawn in the movie “Death Becomes Her.” The photos on the Desiolons website don’t do the lenses justice. (They look unnatural in the photos when they look natural in real life.)

The second best colored prescription contact lenses for naturalness in changing dark eyes to light are the Solotica Natural Colors. These are made in Brazil and ship from Brazil. It takes a few weeks to get them. They are more expensive than the Desiolens, thicker and twice as expensive. Some people might find them less comfortable. Get these at the Lens Marketplace. You don’t need a current prescription because the company is overseas.

In third place is the Adore Bi-Tones. Lens Marketplace sells these as well as other colored contact lenses.

This is an example taken from the FX Eyes website

This is an example taken from the FX Eyes website

There is a company called FX Eyes that will custom make lenses for you for $500 a pair.

Some of the worst contacts are Waikon, and Fresh Blends. These look fake.

Note: there are more brands out there that make beautiful contact lenses for dark eyes but they don’t come in prescription strength. Adore makes some great ones with the limbic ring (the dark ring around the iris, it really enhances the eye.)

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