Best Eye De-puffer

I have tried almost every eye de-puffer out there for the bags I get in the morning from allergies. I’ve used Elf Eye Refresh, Exuviance Depuffing Eye Serum, Hydrolyze Intensive Under Eye Treatment, Glam Glow Bright Mud and others with no success. Some of them had such irritating ingredients, they made the bags worse.

The only one that works is a formulation that contains shark liver oil. This oil used to be found in American Preparation H hemorrhoid cream. That’s why people recommended using it to de-puff the eyes. This amazing de-puffing ingredient is no longer found in the American versions of Preparation H so don’t bother buying it here to eliminate your eye bags!!

51KTyBCdl8L__SL1500_You have to buy the overseas or Canadian versions of Preparation H in order to get the shark liver oil. Buy it here on Amazon.

I currently use a cream called Prep H. It not only contains the shark liver oil, but also Live Yeast Cell Derivative. I massage it in several times a day, and by the end of the day, I almost don’t have eye bags.

06_Frownies-Under-Eye-Patches-3-Sets_500Another thing that works to de-puff eye bags are the Frownies Under Eye Patches.Frownies have been around a long time, and they have improved their formulas. Keep the eye gels in the fridge, put them right under your eyes (not like shown in the photo, right under your eyes up to the water line, on the bags) for 30 minutes. You will see an immediate reduction in bags from swelling due to allergies or crying.