Best Hot Rollers Aren’t Actually Rollers At All

I have really long, fine hair. If I use regular hot rollers, the curl looks good for about four or five hours, then gradually falls out until I have flat, blah hair. Same thing with a curling iron, even if I use a good thermal protection setting spray, like VO5 Miracle! Mist Heat Defense Conditioning Spray .

sb-02373-2TIn order to keep my curls for days, I use the InStyler TopStyler Pro Heated Ceramic Styling Shells and HairSetter.

This hairsetter is very different from normal hot rollers. It’s C-shells clamp around the entire curl. You wrap your hair around your fingers, and it’s a little awkward at first to learn how to do this, but with practice you can get fast. Then you clamp the hot shell on your entire curl. Takes 6 minutes for the shells to heat up, and 10 minutes of wearing the shells to set the curl.

The company claims curls will last three times longer. They can last longer than that. I can sleep on my curls for a couple days and they still look great. This product really works.