The Best and Cheapest Way to Get Unbelievably Soft and Smooth Skin

I’ve heard of the Baiden (pronounced Bigh-den) Mitten is before the but I never tried it until recently. It is an exfoliation mitt made from tree fiber and it will cause dead skin to literally roll off your body.

I was surprised at how much smoother, clearer, softer my skin was. It was nothing short of miraculous. It is rather pricey at $50, but worth it when compared to skin treatments like microdermabrasion and IPL. (There are Korean towels people swear do the same job that are much cheaper. I haven’t tried those.)

baiden1There are certain areas of my skin have always been a little rough, one use of the Baiden mitten and almost completely smooth! I used it on my face–gently–cause my skin is somewhat coarse, and the Baiden smoothed it out, reducing the rough texture look.

I’ve googled Baiden since to see photos from people who claim it reduces stretch marks, cellulite, acne. It’s worth a try. Buy it here.