Best Conditioner for Overprocessed, Dry or Bleached Out Hair

When you’ve colored, and highlighted and colored again, your hair gets destroyed. I would have dry, over processed hair because I’ve had every color under the sun and my hair is long, but I don’t, thanks to certain products. My hair is silky and gorgeous.

joicoWhat works to re-condition and soften bleached out and/or over-colored hair are the products that contain hydrolyzed human hair protein. The Joico K Pak shampoo and conditioners contain this. Joico K-Pak Deep-Penetrating Reconstructor for Damaged Hair is one that I use. The Joico line smells delicious, like banana and will repair your dried out hair, smooth out the cuticles and make it manageable. You really can’t have decent, manageable bleached hair without these products (those that contain hydrolyzed human hair protein.) It’s just not possible. You’re going to have nasty straw on your head.

A product that I think works even better than Joico is the Perfect Silk Kertain Enhanced Conditioner. However, it has a funky smell that lingers. I use it, but not if I think someone special is going to be getting close.

To make your hair even more amazing, check out my How to Get a Cashmere Blowout.

Best Detangler Brush

Detangler BrushYou know how awful it can be, combing out fine and/or long hair when it’s wet.

The Tangle Tamer Max By Plugged In is the best because it has a large head and a handle. The other detangler brushes don’t come with a handle, you have to hold them the palm of your hand. This makes it awkward and difficult to use. Buy the Tangle Tamer Max at Sally Beauty Supply for $10.00.

The Cashmere Blow-out For Amazingly Soft Hair

If you want your hair to be silky soft like cashmere, there’s the Cashmere Blow-out.You can get a stylist to do this, or do it yourself at home while you’re blow drying.

71jIwTvmHsL__SL1500_While your hair is still wet apply a little of the Kerastase Ultime Oleo Complex (it’s pricey, but comes in a more affordable travel size sold on Amazon.)

50013757Dry your hair a lot, but before it’s completely dry, spray in Davines Defining Texturizer.

After your hair is dry, apply more of the Kerastase a little at a time to give your hair gloss. It will be your best hair ever.

Best Shampoos and Conditioners

aquageMost shampoo/conditioners are nothing special, you can’t tell one from another, but there are some shampoos and conditioners that make a noticeable difference in shine and texture.

One brand that is awesome is Aquage. I use the SeaExtend Strengthening Shampoo and Conditioner on my long, dry, over-processed hair. It makes it like silk. Aquage has a whole line of products, depending on your hair type.

I also will use Joico K-Pak Intense Hydrator Treatment for deep conditioning. The human hair protein it contains helps soothe rough cuticles and repair split ends. Joico products are essential for over-processed or bleached hair. I swear they could make a horsetail silky and soft.

Another great product for over-processed hair is Perfect Silk Kertain Enhanced Conditioner. It will make your hair very soft and smooth. My only problem with it, besides the price ($24 for 8.5.oz), is that it doesn’t smell very good. It has a funky odor to it that lingers after you rinse it out.

To really make your hair shiny and gorgeous there is a salon treatment you can get, or you can do this yourself at home. It’s the Redken Chemistry Shot Phase line of products. These are designed for specific hair problems, and you must use the appropriate one. It is supposed to be used with the PHix phase, although at home I only used the Chemistry Shot Phase Color Extend Deep Treatment and it turned out fine.

One thing to do if you want to save money on these products is look for them at discount places, like TJ Maxx or Ross. I got the Perfect Silk at TJ Maxx for $8.99 (regularly $24). Often TJ Maxx has the Joico products in large bottles. The savings would be worth it to drive to a TJ Maxx if one isn’t near you.

Best Hot Rollers Aren’t Actually Rollers At All

I have really long, fine hair. If I use regular hot rollers, the curl looks good for about four or five hours, then gradually falls out until I have flat, blah hair. Same thing with a curling iron, even if I use a good thermal protection setting spray, like VO5 Miracle! Mist Heat Defense Conditioning Spray .

sb-02373-2TIn order to keep my curls for days, I use the InStyler TopStyler Pro Heated Ceramic Styling Shells and HairSetter.

This hairsetter is very different from normal hot rollers. It’s C-shells clamp around the entire curl. You wrap your hair around your fingers, and it’s a little awkward at first to learn how to do this, but with practice you can get fast. Then you clamp the hot shell on your entire curl. Takes 6 minutes for the shells to heat up, and 10 minutes of wearing the shells to set the curl.

The company claims curls will last three times longer. They can last longer than that. I can sleep on my curls for a couple days and they still look great. This product really works.

Best Hair Detangler

31Nk9sFEkULI have very long, fine hair that becomes snarled when it’s wet. It can take forever to comb out, and it involves lots of tugging and fighting with it.

I’ve found that Simply Smooth Xtend Keratin Reparative Magic Potion is the best hair detangler. It has keratin in it to repair split ends, smooth and detangle. It is designed to withstand the 450 degree heat of curling irons and flat irons. I can not only easily comb through my wet hair, but it leaves it soft and conditioned.

Super Shiny Hair

71jIwTvmHsL__SL1500_After you’ve shampooed your hair, use Kerastase Elixir Ultime Oleo Complexe to get the most incredible shine. It is not greasy, and doesn’t weigh your hair down. Just use a tiny amount in your palm, rub together and work in. Keep using a tiny amount until you feel you’ve got enough.

It is somewhat pricey, so get the cheaper travel size on Amazon.

I think this is the best hair shiner, but I have fine, dry, over-processed, long straight hair. Everyone has a different hair type.

41L6zVoRtNLIf the Elixer Ultime doesn’t work for you, try Kerastase Nutritive Oleo-Relax Serum. This might work better on frizzy, thick hair.

Revlonglass01Another best of the best hair shiners is Revlon’s Glass O1 Smoothing Serum. It is heavier than the Kerastase serums but some hair types might need that.

Hair Color

web_swatch_full-book_Small_Page_20Since I was a teen, I’ve had every hair color under the rainbow. I learned how to color hair to make it turn out like a pro; I learned the hard way through many screw-ups and having hair that was neon orange or had green stripes.

The best hair color I have ever used myself at home is Aloxxi Chroma Color.

web_swatch_full-book_Small_Page_14BUT, Aloxxi is a professional hair color. You cannot buy it in a drugstore. You either have to go to a salon to get it or you have to buy it from Ebay or a beauty supply shop online, mix it with the developer and apply it yourself. I only recommend doing it yourself if you know what you are doing. If you don’t know the difference between a 20 volume and a 40 volume developer, then you should NOT do this hair color yourself!! You can purchase it, and take it to your hair stylist and have him/her do it. Most of them will do this for their clients.

Aloxxi can take the most over-processed, dry, damaged hair and make it smooth, silky, glossy.

web_swatch_full-book_Small_Page_06Aloxxi Chroma Color has the most vibrant colors and the shine it leaves is incredible. On their website they have a “Consultation book”. Look through it and see the colors.