Best Way to Make Any Lipstick Last

lipstickLipstick doesn’t have to be specially formulated to stay on. You can do this method with any lipstick, eat, drink and it will stay on pretty good. Here’s what you do:

1) Apply foundation to clean, dry lips

2) Line with lip liner (see the best one here for everyone) to keep the color from bleeding outside your lip line

3) Apply your lipstick

4) Cover your now lipstick covered lips with face powder using a powder brush (like this MAC one here)

5) Apply your lipstick again

6) Apply another layer of powder and apply lipstick again. (You can skip this step if you’re in a hurry the one layer of powder will work okay)

Best Lip Liner for All Skin Tones

MAC-Spice-Lip-pencil-ReviewThe best lip pencil for (almost) everyone because it will match most skin tones, and it goes with most lipstick/gloss colors, is the MAC Spice. It’s been around for a while, but I always come back to it.

I personally feel that most women should use lip liner to bring out the shape of their lips, before applying any lipstick. One of the reasons some glosses and lipsticks don’t look good on a particular person is because a lip liner was needed. Try the difference and see for yourself what a lip liner can do. (The only person who shouldn’t use a lip liner is Angelina Jolie. She doesn’t need it.)

Lip liner gives much needed definition and keeps lipsticks from bleeding. You can also “cheat” a little and go slightly outside the natural lip line, like half-way on the lip and half outside, and make your lips look fuller without looking ridiculous.

MAC Spice is a muted, dusky rose color. It can give a natural look when spread all over the lips by itself.

Lip Plumper

Aminogenesis Lips I’ve tried tons of these.

I think the best lip plumper is Aminogenesis Lips to Love. It comes with a vibrating top that I never use. I didn’t think using the vibrator made much of a difference.

It normally sells for $50, but you can look around online and get a better price.

Second place goes to LipFusion XL – It will plump, but not as well as the Aminogenesis. It also sells for $50.

Lip Gloss

Nars turkish delightI think the best lip gloss for color, is Nars Turkish Delight.

This lip gloss is a light pink, glossy color that would look good on any skin tone. Not only can it be worn by itself, but it also enhances the color of other lipsticks. What it’s really best at is toning down too garish pigments in other lipsticks. You can salvage a horrible color by applying the Turkish Delight over it on the your lips, and create a new color that can be fabulous.

Nars Turkish Delight goes best with MAC’s Angel lipstick. This is Kim Kardashian’s signature look.