Best New Nail Idea 2014

00a18992d5bc31e83bed73fff1b407f3_largeNailSnaps make nail wraps from your Instagram photos or any photo. The possibilities are endless for your nail art. Nailsnaps is a free mobile app that lets you edit and crop your photos so you can get them to fit exactly the way you want on your nails, then NailSnaps prints your photos and turns them into custom nail wraps.

Currently, NailSnaps is a kickstarter project that is crowdfunded, meaning we all have to back it financially in order to make it happen. Check it out and please help spread the word!


This is, without a doubt, the coolest, most awesome nail art ever!

Best New Nail Polish Idea

sephora_largeSomeone should have come up with this a long time ago: one time use nail polish.

Sephora has created what are called nail “press pods” so we can try out polish without having to buy an entire bottle. (Also great for traveling.) The pods have built-in brushes that deliver exactly enough polish for two coats on 10 nails. Sephora put 24 of its best selling Formula X nail polishes together for $40.00. Available in April.