The Best and Cheapest Way to Get Unbelievably Soft and Smooth Skin

I’ve heard of the Baiden (pronounced Bigh-den) Mitten is before the but I never tried it until recently. It is an exfoliation mitt made from tree fiber and it will cause dead skin to literally roll off your body.

I was surprised at how much smoother, clearer, softer my skin was. It was nothing short of miraculous. It is rather pricey at $50, but worth it when compared to skin treatments like microdermabrasion and IPL. (There are Korean towels people swear do the same job that are much cheaper. I haven’t tried those.)

baiden1There are certain areas of my skin have always been a little rough, one use of the Baiden mitten and almost completely smooth! I used it on my face–gently–cause my skin is somewhat coarse, and the Baiden smoothed it out, reducing the rough texture look.

I’ve googled Baiden since to see photos from people who claim it reduces stretch marks, cellulite, acne. It’s worth a try. Buy it here.

Best Foundation (medium or full coverage)

Smashbox%20Liquid%20Halo%20Foundation%202I thought most foundations (medium coverage) were pretty much the same, until I tried Smashbox HD Liquid Halo Broad Spectrum Foundation. It’s hard to describe what this foundation is like except it gives a super smooth coverage almost as if it was airbrushed on. My only warning about this foundation is that some colors tend to have a yellow base and this is definitely not good for many skin tones.

It comes in these shades:

Shade 1: Natural vanilla for fair complexions
Shade 2: Warm vanilla for fair/light complexions
Shade 3: Light beige for light complexions
Shade 4: Light warm beige for light complexions
Shade 5: Golden beige for light/medium complexions
Shade 6: Warm medium beige for medium complexions
Shade 7: Golden medium beige for medium complexions
Shade 8: Natural tan for medium/dark complexions
Shade 9: Dark golden tan for dark complexions
Shade 10: Natural deep cocoa for dark complexions

I got the “Shade 3: Light beige for light complexions” but it’s not a neutral; it has a definite yellow caste.

_7846809Until I discovered the Smashbox HD, I used the kinda pricey (at around $65 a bottle) Georgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation. It’s okay, but for the price I just don’t know if it’s worth it. It’s not that amazing. One thing about it that is good: the colors. They match skin tones pretty well. Note that it’s a slightly heavier coverage than the Smashbox Liquid Halo.

I tried Revlon 24 Hour Color Stay Foundation on one side of my face and the Georgia Armani Luminous Silk on the other. The Revlon Color Stay went on smoother and gave a nicer, more poreless finish. The Georgio Armani seemed rather cakey, did not refine pores at all, didn’t leave a nice glow. Revlon Color Stay was much better.

I’m going to recommend Revlon Colorstay Foundation as best foundation from the drugstore (for full coverage.)

Best Product for Beautiful Skin – Clarisonic Skin Brush

sonic-method-cleansing24If you want to have beautiful, clean, clear skin with smaller pores and almost no blackheads, then you should get a Clarisonic Skin Brush. It works by having a sonic speed rotating brush. At over 300 movements per second, this brush really gets your skin clean.

There are several Clarisonic cleansing devices, the Plus for face and body, Aria for face only and Mia 2, the compact version. (The Mia is smaller and more affordable at around $125.) There are also different brush heads for sensitive skin, regular skin and deep pore cleaning.

The Clarisonic Opal Anti-Aging Infuser device works to infuse products deep into your skin, rather than having them sit on the surface.

Clarisonic has a special system just for acne proned skin called Deep Pore Detoxifying Solution. It includes a cleanser, a mask and the deep cleaning brush.

Brush heads should be replaced every couple of months, they get visibly grimy. Replacement brushes range from $8 on Ebay, $11 on to over $25 so shop around.

NuFace Non-Surgical Face Lift Device Review

s1572320-main-heroThe NuFace is an at-home use device that supposedly tightens and tones skin by using micro-currents of electricity. It has these two metal balls attached to the device you rub over your face. You feel a slight tingling sensation. NuFace was FDA cleared for facial toning and stimulation. The idea is that microcurrents stimulate, lift and tone the facial muscles; which is the foundation and underlying structure to our skin.

I bought a NuFace at the same time my girlfriend did so we could both try it. My report is that NuFace does not work for anti-aging. It only gives temporary results, like you had a good facial. It increases circulation and causes swelling so you will look better for a day. That’s why they want you to keep using it, once you stop you go right back to the way you were. My girlfriend returned hers to get her money back because she felt the same way about it.

There are similar devices out there, they have two silver metal probes or metal balls you rub on your face. My guess is that none of these work for anti-aging.

Best New Facial Cleanser (Drugstore)

biore deep pore charcoal cleanserThe best new facial cleanser to try is Biore’s Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser. Like all Biore products you can get this at any drugstore.

The best way to get skin clean is with a Clarisonic Skin Brush, but if you can’t afford one, or are in a hurry, this is good substitute. I have very oily skin and the Deep Pore Cleanser handled that well. While it didn’t thoroughly clean out all my blackheads like a Clarisonic would, for a regular cleanser it gets your skin pretty clean. It did better than other drugstore cleansers like Cetaphil.

Best Anti-Aging Face Cream

I hate to say it, but so far, there are no “best” anti-aging face creams. Most creams aren’t strong enough to stimulate collagen and tighten the skin. The only things able to do that are lasers, and the RF (radio frequency) devices like Thermage.

Retin A cream is the exception to this. It can stimulate collagen and make your skin younger, but it’s a pain to use. It makes your skin very red and flakey at first. It also thins the skin, which is an undesirable side effect. You need a prescription to get Retin A in the U.S. or you can order it overseas without a prescription from Four Corners UK Pharmacy in England.

Retinols are just milder versions of Retin A. They don’t do much, either.

The Wrinkle Cure BookDr. Perricone’s skin care line is excellent. He is a genius with skin care, the first doctor to figure out how damaging sugar is to the skin. He come up with a diet that actually works to make you look up to a decade younger and has the patient before and after photos to prove this. His book “The Wrinkle Cure” remains the best anti-aging book for younger skin ever written.

I’ve used Perricone’s High Potency Amine Facelight. His products do make your skin look fresher—which makes you look younger—BUT creams alone will not reduce sagging skin or tighten jowls, etc. It’s just not going to happen. Think of it this way: if creams worked to tighten skin, no one would need facelifts.

glyterra-boxThere is a new face cream that sounds promising. It’s called Glyterra gL. It works on the principle of repairing the damage that sugars cause to your skin. I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m going to as soon as I’m finished with the Tria Age Defying Laser review I’m doing.

Another new “revolutionary” anti-aging cream that might work is MitoQ cream. I haven’t tried it.

The Everything Pencil

188483The Judith August Everything Pencil works great as a concealer. It comes in six shades and it’s perfect for dabbing on blemishes before you apply foundation. What makes this good is that it’s a sharp pencil that gives precise coverage in tiny areas, like hide the dark spots in the corner of the eye. It can cover up tiny, red spider veins, dark circles under the eye, or brown spots.

It also doesn’t tug on delicate skin. It’s water resistant and has some lasting power. The “light” color is light enough for very fair skinned individuals.