Anti-Cellulite Treatments

There’s good news and bad news about cellulite. There are anti-cellulite treatments that work. The bad news is that they are temporary and pricey.

Accent XL – Using radio frequency to heat up the skin and tighten it, this will give remarkable results immediately (again, due to swelling). It will not only eliminate the orange peel effect, it will lift and shape your buttocks.

But, it will only last as long as you do maintenance treatments every month after your initial set of treatments. And each part of the body you have to pay for separately, like the front of the legs are separate from the back and butt. It can get expensive.

This is a realistic result

This is a realistic result

Lumicell Touch – This uses a special skin penetrating light and strong suction to break up the orange peel fat, but Lumicell hurts. The higher the level you go on the machine, the better the results, but the more pain you’ll experience.

The suction action causes bruising at first, but your body adjusts and within a few treatments you don’t bruise any more. This also requires monthly maintenance or you go right back to the way you were before.

This is a cheaper alternative to Accent XL.

All of these types of RF or massage cellulite treatments probably work, except I found
Endermologie gave me zero results. I thought this was a huge waste of money. Thumbs down.

Cellulite creams – I’ve never used one that did a thing. Sorry!

Laser Surgery – Supposedly works by destroying the connective bands that cause the orange peel appearance. Very expensive. I haven’t tried this.