Best Concealer

nars-radiant-creamy-concealer-reviewThe best concealer is NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer. Not the usual thick lipstick like material that globs on. This is like a lip gloss with a flat sponge applicator. It goes on smoothly, blends perfectly with no creasing, caking or highlighting and covers well.

nars-radiant-creamy-concealers-swatchesI am fair skinned, but not super white, like a red head might be. I got the Honey (Light 3) and it worked perfectly for me. Some of the other lighter colors have a yellow tone that wouldn’t work for me.

Just a reminder: I don’t work for a beauty magazine. I get no commissions, no free samples, nothing that could influence my judgment of the products on this blog. I’m just a customer, like you, trying to figure out what is the best and what works and what doesn’t.

The Everything Pencil

188483The Judith August Everything Pencil works great as a concealer. It comes in six shades and it’s perfect for dabbing on blemishes before you apply foundation. What makes this good is that it’s a sharp pencil that gives precise coverage in tiny areas, like hide the dark spots in the corner of the eye. It can cover up tiny, red spider veins, dark circles under the eye, or brown spots.

It also doesn’t tug on delicate skin. It’s water resistant and has some lasting power. The “light” color is light enough for very fair skinned individuals.