Best Plastic Surgeon for Facelifts

ponytail liftI haven’t been to him, but I’m going to give the best facelift plastic surgeon award to Dr. Chia Chi Kao of Santa Monica, California. His innovative technique called “The Ponytail Lift” or vertical lift (as opposed to the standard pulled back wind blown look) gives amazing, natural looking results.

The Ponytail Lift is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that simulates the lifting effects on the face while wearing the hair in a high ponytail. This procedure lifts the brows, cheeks, and the jowls simultaneously with tiny access incisions hidden in the scalp. It is done under IV sedation instead of general anesthetic.

This is who I’m going to when it’s time for that facelift.

Ultherapy Review

ultherapy-000p-015y_0day-360day-1tx_beforeandafter_full-1-1024x796Ultherapy is one of those anti-aging skin tightening procedures that uses radio frequency waves to heat up the skin in order to stimulate collagen. The difference between this and other procedures like it, is Ultherapy has ultra sound to locate the exact layer of the skin to be treated. The before and after photos are dramatic. It looks like an amazing procedure that could replace face-lifts.

I had it done on the face. I have very minimal sagging with no wrinkles and I got no results. My neighbor had it done on her neck, which was getting very turkeyish. She had very little changes. Not worth thousands of dollars. I paid $2500 for face and upper neck.

There are two transducers the Ultherapy technicians are supposed to use, a deeper one and a more superficial one. I had lidocaine injections all over my face. In the areas where the numbing had not taken effect, the pain was mind blowing, horrible. I’d say one of the most painful things I’d ever experienced. This is why I can’t see how people are getting this done without anesthesia. They must only be getting the superficial transducer used on them, which is half a treatment.

I don’t know what to say about the incredible photos. I can’t believe they could all be fakes. The only thing I can suggest is that this particular procedures doesn’t work for all people.