Best Foundation (medium or full coverage)

Smashbox%20Liquid%20Halo%20Foundation%202I thought most foundations (medium coverage) were pretty much the same, until I tried Smashbox HD Liquid Halo Broad Spectrum Foundation. It’s hard to describe what this foundation is like except it gives a super smooth coverage almost as if it was airbrushed on. My only warning about this foundation is that some colors tend to have a yellow base and this is definitely not good for many skin tones.

It comes in these shades:

Shade 1: Natural vanilla for fair complexions
Shade 2: Warm vanilla for fair/light complexions
Shade 3: Light beige for light complexions
Shade 4: Light warm beige for light complexions
Shade 5: Golden beige for light/medium complexions
Shade 6: Warm medium beige for medium complexions
Shade 7: Golden medium beige for medium complexions
Shade 8: Natural tan for medium/dark complexions
Shade 9: Dark golden tan for dark complexions
Shade 10: Natural deep cocoa for dark complexions

I got the “Shade 3: Light beige for light complexions” but it’s not a neutral; it has a definite yellow caste.

_7846809Until I discovered the Smashbox HD, I used the kinda pricey (at around $65 a bottle) Georgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation. It’s okay, but for the price I just don’t know if it’s worth it. It’s not that amazing. One thing about it that is good: the colors. They match skin tones pretty well. Note that it’s a slightly heavier coverage than the Smashbox Liquid Halo.

I tried Revlon 24 Hour Color Stay Foundation on one side of my face and the Georgia Armani Luminous Silk on the other. The Revlon Color Stay went on smoother and gave a nicer, more poreless finish. The Georgio Armani seemed rather cakey, did not refine pores at all, didn’t leave a nice glow. Revlon Color Stay was much better.

I’m going to recommend Revlon Colorstay Foundation as best foundation from the drugstore (for full coverage.)