Tria Age-Defying Laser Review With Updates

Tria LaserI just received my Tria Age-Defying Laser. I am looking for it to improve skin tone, minimize pore size, reduce my slight rosacea and make me look fresh and younger. It cost $500 plus shipping. (My friend got it on QVC for $300.)

It treats skin from within. Beams of light penetrate the skin to create microscopic zones of cellular injury and this stimulates collagen production. You’re supposed to use the Tria for 5 days a week for 12 weeks. They have a 90 day money back guarantee.

Day 1 – First, I cleaned my face as they recommended to remove anything that might interfere with the light reaching the skin. I found the Tria to be a little challenging to use. You’re supposed to move it around your face in four “zones”. It didn’t glide easily, and I had trouble maintaining contact with my skin in many areas, especially my forehead. When the contact stops, the device stops automatically.

I used the Tria on the “training” setting, Level 1. It was slightly stingy. It left my fair skin a little red.

The next morning the redness was gone and my skin looked much better. Although this is probably due to swelling, maybe the tightness becomes permanent over 12 weeks of us. I’m surprised to see my skin looking this good already.

Day 2 – I used the full strength Level 3 and my face turned bright red. It burned like a super bad sunburn for about two hours and was uncomfortable. The next morning I had no redness or burning. My skin looks very clean, clear, fresh.

I recommend using this device before you go to bed.

Week One Results – I used Level 2 on my cheeks, Level 3 everywhere else, including under my chin and neck. My skin looks amazing. The rosacea is gone, and my skin is younger looking. The pores seems less large and overall my skin is brighter, fresher looking, but a little dry, with some flakiness. (I normally have super oily skin.)

I have been doing my under chin and neck area even though it’s not one of their “zones”. I’ve had laser done on this area before. I don’t know why this company doesn’t make the neck a zone. This device takes commitment. I’m already sick of the daily grind of using it, and I’m only 1/4th of the way through.

Week Six Results
– Finally, I’m half way through. Well, not really since I had a cold on week 4 and stopped using it. I use Level 3 on all areas.

Here are my results: 1) My forehead has been lifted slightly. My brows are easier to shape into a nice arch.

2) My skin looks tighter, smoother, slightly reduced pores, rosacea is gone.

3) My mini jowls are at least 50% reduced. The crease on my neck is reduced.

The Final Week 12 Results: Yes, I did get results! I give this device a 4 out of 5 star rating. I can’t give this device 5 stars because my results are not outstanding. My issues were not fully resolved.

My skin is tighter, smoother and my mini-jowls reduced by 80%. My rosacea is gone, but I expect that to be temporary. My pores are slightly smaller. The crease on my neck is reduced, but not gone. They say you have to wait 3 month for the collagen to form and see full results. I will blog again at that time.

WARNING: If you need a facelift for heavy sagging and deep lines, I don’t know if this device can make enough of a difference to be noticeable. I recommend this to those who have just begun to show signs of aging, like in the 30s-40s.

Tips for Use:

-The instruction manual for this is worthless and gives almost no instruction.
-You have to REGISTER the device before it will work!!! It’s a pain.
-Try it on your arm first, it will get red, could look like scratches. This is normal.
-Don’t use before going out in the hot sun or before a hot shower.
-Clean the laser part with a soft, DRY clean towel. Just push the loops into the groove with your fingernail to take out the skin cells.
-You can’t get filler within 6 weeks of use, before or after. The filler could be destroyed by the heat. You have to wait until you are done with this device for at least 6 weeks before filler. (The reason for this is that you want to give your skin a chance to heal and tighten up.)
-It will make your skin rough and dry. There is not much you can do about this.
-You can move the device gently over an area, you don’t need to smash it in as hard as you can.


Rosacea is that slight reddish, inflamed skin that usually appears as a butterfly pattern around your nose and under your eyes, but it can appear anywhere on the face.

It is hard to treat, but there is a prescription medication cream or gel made just for it called Rozex. You can buy this without a prescription from a pharmacy in the UK called 4 Corners Pharmacy.

This pharmacy also offers a wide variety of prescription skin care products, hormone replacement therapy, birth control, all without a prescription. It takes less than two weeks for me to get my orders, and I live in Texas.

Even though I mentioned Rozex first, this cream didn’t help me much. (I have slight rosacea.)

What did eliminate my Rosacea were the Intense Pulse Light (IPL) treatments I got at a medi-spa for $50 a piece. Within a couple treatments the red was gone and my skin didn’t look so coarse. This was temporary, after a few months without no treatment, my rosacea came back just the same as ever.

There’s another treatment I haven’t tried called MIRVASO┬« (brimonidine) topical gel.